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The Fifteenth Anniversary Reader

Southern Cultures: The Fifteenth Anniversary Reader is a special anthology of classroom favorites from our first 15 years. Read the entire anthology now on your Kindle or Sony Reader, or follow the links below to read individual articles on Project Muse.

Where Is the South? Which South? Where Isn’t the South?

Southern Distinctiveness, Yet Again, or, Why America Still Needs the South
by Larry J. Griffin

Chicago as the Northernmost County of Mississippi
by Anthony Walton

Teaching Gone with the Wind in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 
by Mart Stewart

by C. Vann Woodward


In an ever-evolving region, potent markers of identity and pride remain.

Landmarks of Power: Building a Southern Past, 1885-1915
by Catherine W. Bishir

The Southern Accent-Alive and Well
     by Michael Montgomery

The Banner That Won’t Stay Furled 
by John Shelton Reed

Living with Confederate Symbols
by franklin forts

Country music, the blues, Atticus Finch, and Southern childhoods aren’t what they used to be–and perhaps never really were.

Rednecks, White Socks, and Pina Coladas?: Country Music Ain’t What It Used to Be … And It Really Never Was
by James C. Cobb

“Where Is the Love?”: Racial Violence, Racial Healing, and Blues Communities
by Adam Gussow

The Strange Career of Atticus Finch
by Joseph Crespino

Rituals of Initiation and Rebellion: Adolescent Responses to Segregation in Southern Autobiography
by Melton McLaurin

Peoples and powers intersect, forging and reshaping the South and its Southerners.

Columbus Meets Pocahontas in the American South
by Theda Perdue

A Sense of Place: Jews, Blacks, and White Gentiles in the American South
     by David Goldfield

Martin Luther King and the Southern Dream of Freedom
     by Timothy B. Tyson

Our Lady of Guadeloupe Visits the Confederate Memorial
by Thomas A. Tweed

And the Dead Shall Rise: An Overview 
by Steve Oney

Kudzu, hogs, rednecks, feudin’, and rasslin’ have real stories behind them.

Kudzu: A Tale of Two Vines
by Derek H. Alderman and Donna G’Segner Alderman

A Short History of Redneck: The Fashioning of a Southern White Masculine Identity
by Patrick Huber

“Where the Sun Set Crimson and the Moon Rose Red”: Writing Appalachia and the Kentucky Mountain Feuds
by Dwight B. Billings and Kathleen M. Blee

The “Tennessee Test of Manhood”: Professional Wrestling and Southern Cultural Stereotypes
by Louis M. Kyriakoudes and Peter A. Coclanis

“How ’bout a Hand for the Hog”: The Enduring Nature of the Swine as a Cultural Symbol in the South
by S. Jonathan Bass

What interests, guides, and defines Southerners is a diverse collection we can only begin to sample here.

Equine Relics of the Civil War
by Drew Gilpin Faust

The Most Southern Sport on Earth: NASCAR and the Unions
by Dan Pierce

Adventures in a Foreign Country: African American Humor and the South
by Trudier Harris

Sister Act: Sorority Rush as Feminine Performance
by Elizabeth Boyd

The Death of Southern Heroes: Historic Funerals of the South
by Charles Reagan Wilson