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The Fifteenth Anniversary Reader


Order it in print or read the essays through Project Muse or download the EBOOK for Kindle or Sony Reader.

“Each essay . . . is well-worth reading and studying.  Some of the pictures are downright arresting.  Southern Cultures has been enlivening the study of our region for more than fifteen years now.  May it continue to do so for at least fifty more!”  —The Journal of Southern History (no. 75, November 2009)  [Read the whole review.]

In collaboration with UNC Press, Southern Cultures has released Southern Cultures:The Fifteenth Anniversary Reader, the definitive anthology that reveals all sides of the American South, from sorority sisters to Pocahontas, from kudzu to the blues. This 528-page volume collects 27 essays from our first fifteen years, bringing together some of our most memorable and engaging essays, as well as those articles most requested for use in classrooms across campuses throughout the South and the nation. A stellar cast of contributors discusses themes of identity, pride, traditions, changes, conflicts, and stereotypes.

 “The rich array of photographs and graphics, and the sincere and effective attempt at readerly appeal, go well beyond what is attempted by most… Southern Cultures is truly impressive.” —Council of Editors of Learned Journals