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Here’s something that scholars and journalists agree about.

“A hallmark of what ambitious journals should be attempting in the 21st century.” —Council of Editors of Learned Journals

“Likely to stick in the minds of readers.” —The Times Literary Supplement

“An excellent addition to any library.” —Library Journal

Southern Cultures has been enlivening the study of our region for more than fifteen years now. May it continue to do so for at least fifty more!” —The Journal of Southern History
“An irreverent bent and wry outlook that is refreshing.” —The Baton Rouge Advocate

“One of the most sprightly and enjoyable academic publications, allying history, literature, and the social sciences in a coordinated study of a fascinating region.” —Wilmington Morning Star

“Y’all should subscribe.” —Anniston Star

“The rich array of photographs and graphics, and the sincere and effective attempt at readerly appeal, go well beyond what is attempted by most journals. Southern Cultures is truly impressive.” —Council of Editors of Learned Journals

“The wonderful quarterly.” —Greensboro News and Record

“Provocative thoughts, good writing.” —The Sanford Herald

“The little Quarterly that could.” —St. Petersburg Times

Southern Cultures holds a wealth of wit and wisdom.” —Wilmington Morning Star

“Each essay . . . is well-worth reading and studying. Some of the pictures are downright arresting.” —The Journal of Southern History

“If you want something a little more solid, as we say in the academic profession, check out Southern Cultures.” —Anniston Star

“A lively take . . . combining academic rigor and a welcome accessibility.” —Carolina Alumni Review

“Indispensable to a number of fields.” —Council of Editors of Learned Journals

“A lot more than your old social studies textbook.” —Wilmington Morning Star

“Well-worth the money.” —The Sanford Herald